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IMG_5869.jpg was created to service the needs of automotive spray painters and spray painting enthusiasts who are looking for an independent online alternative to help them achieve their desired finishes.

Having spent decades as a qualified automotive spray painter and automotive enthusiast in Brisbane Australia, I know what works and what doesn't. I also understand that everyone is different and we all have our own way of making stuff work. My hope with the website and blog is to share my views and experience of spray guns and the industry as well as offering value for money quality tools and equipment. 

I've researched and industry tested the products on offer and am confident they will offer you the same value and benefits I have utilised in my spray painting career. As a background I have used most of the high end brands of spray guns and paints used in automotive refinishing and would always promote their benefits. I am just also open minded and willing to try new offerings regardless of the brand name. 

I am always happy to talk spray guns, automotive paint, restoring cars and painting the unusual. Reach out if you're interested in having a chat or want to talk products.

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