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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these spray guns made? 

Currently most of our stock is manufactured in China. We source and test products from a variety of factories so we can bring you value for money, quality tools.

I am overseas, can I buy from you?

Sorry, We are an Australian based business, we currently only sell to Australian based customers so we can offer high quality support & service.

Are these drop shipped?

No! We source our stock and only sell after they're tested for quality. All items sold are stocked in Brisbane and sent via Australia Post or by local courier companies. 

What size fluid tip do I need?

The ideal place for this information is the "Technical Data Sheet" for the paint product you intend to use. Feel free to contact us for advice.

As a general guide for Automotive products using a normal size spray gun;

1.3-1.4mm for Two Pack Basecoats, Topcoat Solid Colours, Sealer Primers and Clearcoats

1.6-2.0mm for Two Pack High build Primer and Epoxy Primer, Acrylic Lacquer (Primers, Colours, Basecoats, Clearcoats)

How can I purchase?

Currently we sell majority of our products through This is to offer protection for you as a consumer. Ebay also has a lot of great options for you similar to Afterpay etc. 

We are working on our own Online Store so you can purchase directly. If you do not wish to use ebay please send us a message and we are happy to help out where we can.

Do you have spare parts in case I need them?

YES!!! We keep a variety of spare parts for most of our spray guns at hand. We make an effort to sell quality items so it is actually rare for us to receive a request! We know stuff happens so if you find a part damaged, lost or not performing well contact us and we are only too happy to help!

I've seen a spray gun on an overseas shopping app but I am nervous to purchase, can you help?

YES, most likely! We have a good working relationship with some Chinese factories. If you have seen a spray gun model that we don't stock on a shopping app like Wish, DHgate etc and would like to know if we can source the same design send us a message with some details! We are shipping regularly from China so we can offer to source the best quality spray gun, ship it faster than waiting months and then test it here in Australia before we send it to you! Yes it will be more expensive than purchasing on an overseas app but you will have peace of mind! 

Aren't all chinese manufactured sprayguns made in the same factory?

No, this is a myth. Yes a lot of designs are copied from each other and they may look the same but there are a large amount of factories producing spray guns and there are differences in specifications, quality and materials! We prefer to work with those who are willing to produce to our specs and listen to and take action on our feedback so we can continue to offer you a great spray gun!

Can you customise a spray gun to suit my needs?

YES!! As a qualified automotive spray painter I know we are all different and like different setups. We are happy to try and help where we can!

I own a workshop and I am interested in a bulk deal on shop guns for my staff to use?

YES!! We can help!! we have managed and worked in workshops and know all too well that it's a tough game! Send us a message through the Contact Page. Our spray guns are used in all types of workshops including those required to produce insurance quality refinishing, restorations and high production. There is a very real chance we can save you a stack of money compared to buying a big name spray gun brand. We know there is nothing worse than a careless employee who doesn't respect your hard earned investments in tools and buying our value for money spray guns may just help reduce that stress point!

Are you looking for social media influencers to work with?

Sprayguns2u are looking for painters who are active on social media and would love to try our products! If you consider yourself to have an audience then we would love to work with you on some projects! Contact us directly at with your socials handle and lets get some ideas rolling!


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