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Are Chinese spray guns heavier??

If you have been researching spray guns online including watching youtube videos from self proclaimed experts you may have come across the notion that spray guns manufactured in China are "sooooo much heavier" than those made by the big name premium brands!

YES some spray guns may be heavier....others aren't.... this kills the myth that "all spray guns made in China all come from the same factory"

Fact is, they don't

Some of the models sold by are in fact lighter than the genuine article. Here is the example of two working spray guns in a workshop on paint mixing scales, yes the PPS adapter will have some extra weight but it shows you that not all Chinese spray guns are made from heavy or inferior materials!

This is the DeVilbiss Gti Pro lite on the scales, coming in at 522.0grams with no air fitting but a stainless PPS adapter;

The next image shows the Teal coloured Ntools Gti Pro lite style gun coming in at 510.9 grams with an alloy PPS adapter and no air fitting.

As you can see yourself you can't trust every word you will hear said on internet reviews, the difference between these two guns in weight would be negligible at a working just really shows that not all Chinese made guns are the same and they won't cause your arm to fall off hehe

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