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OUTLAW Spray Guns

Here at we have been working hard to bring a quality spray gun that matches the performance of all the high end brands but offers value for money to the automotive painter that cannot be matched anywhere else!

We always test and evaluate all spray gun models we sell in a real world workshop with real world expectations of quality results! We have developed and designed a range of high quality spray guns and accessories with a premium manufacturer and are proud to introduce our own brand to the Australian market.

The soon to be released range includes our flagship automotive spray gun the OUTLAW PRO HTE+ 1.3mm. This new exciting design features a unique air cap design that offers premium atomisation due to the exclusive four leaf clover centre air hole machining. The OUTLAW PRO HTE+ spray gun is a modern, compact, ergonomic design that offers exceptional balance in the hand and is comfortable to handle even on the largest of jobs. Constructed of quality materials with stainless steel needle and nozzle and brass air cap the OUTLAW PRO HTE+ is suitable for all modern automotive paints including waterborne and solvent based products. The spray gun features LVMP technology with a beautiful trigger feel.

The OUTLAW PRO HTE+ will initially be available in a colour range featuring a classic black and an exclusive hot bubblegum pink!! As always feel free to suggest colours you'd be excited to see!

Also in the new range we will have an amazing mini gun to suit your touch up needs and a primer gun that will blow your mind!

Exciting times are ahead and we look forward to your continued support in offering great value for money to the modern painter!

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