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"Can't get spare parts" Myth

An interesting topic I see pop up a lot online is this myth that you are unable to get any spare parts for spray guns that are manufactured in China.

This old sales rep technique has been rolled out for decades and while it may have been true back in 1986 when they were dropping off imported spray guns by canoe... the world is now a much more open place.

I have developed a fantastic working relationship with my supplier in China and can confidently source replacement or service parts for the spray guns I stock. I like to keep stock of typical service items but with express postage and the quality customer service nature of my supplier means if I don't have it at hand, I can usually obtain it fairly quickly.

More often than not, replacement parts are only necessary due to careless handling of small parts that have been lost during cleaning or when incorrect sized tools are used to disassemble a spray gun.

There is also a myth that all chinese spray guns "come out of the same factory". It is true that a lot of design and technology is shared but there is definitely variations in thread sizes and parts design and material quality between different brands...even if they look like the same spray gun with different name etched into it.

It is NOT a myth that you should try and obtain any spare part from the person or company you buy a spray gun from as you at least have a fighting chance or repairing your spray gun correctly.

If you have purchased a spray gun from and need a part please contact us and we will be happy to help. The same is true for repairs if you are not confident in replacing the part, send us a message and we will try our best to help get you back painting. If you have purchased a spray gun from somewhere else and are having problems feel free to see if we can help also as our suppliers have contacts in the industry who can assist.

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